As a writer, revisions are always the toughest challenge.  So why should my surgery be any different?  My gall bladder surgery-technically called a cholecystectomy -was scheduled first thing October 2nd as a simple laparscopic procedure. Punch a few holes in and yank the offending bladder out. EXCEPT there was a trickle of blood that didn’t belong. So the surgeon punched a few more holes and discovered a tumor lazing on my stomach and a tiny satellite tumor floating nearby.Time to revise the surgery.  Both tumors were removed, my stomach was stapled and I was back in my room. The extra surgery bought me extra days in the hospital and a continued diet of IV fluids.  That gets tiresome. Even Jello sounded good.  What I tried to carefully ignore was mounting anxiety about the strange tumors and the significance. Pathology reports take time. Lots of time…


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