Putting things in Motion

I probably shouldn’t have planned anything sneaky. I was awake early because the dog had to be at the vet by 8:00. It was the perfect chance to sneak off to Cracker Barrel and buy the big owl I’d spotted the other night when hubby and I went to dinner and I knew he’d huff and puff if I purchased it. So that was my plan. Sunny would go to the vet and I could make a beeline for the owl. EXCEPT  a low grumbly pain in my abdominal area continued to make its presence felt. By the time I arrived at the vet I was barely able to walk. I drove off knowing when I got to the intersection I should turn right and go to the Emergency room.  Stubbornly I turned left, for home, but never made it. I pulled into the fire station, called my husband, and wound up in the ER after all. Before I knew it I was scheduled to have my gall bladder removed the next morning. No owl. No warning about what unbelievable events will follow.


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