GLEEVEK. Where and how do they come up with these names? There is no glee in taking a chemo pill even with minimal side effects.  Then the tests start. MRI and CT scans. Finally there is a PET-CT scan. Oh it’s nothing…just like a CT scan.  I have to take a nuclear dye and sit for an hour alone in a tiny room. In Tampa.  My husband suddenly can’t /won’t take off time from work to drive me there. Bless my dear friends who do take off time from work. The test turns out to be a combination of MRI and CT. I freak out because I am completely claustrophobic and always need sedation for the MRI. I need to keep both arms overhead. I have a torn rotator cuff.  It is an hour of agony. The results come back days later showing a fist-sized tumor in my liver and a scattering of smaller tumors. It is not the news we wanted.


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