After all the scans the doctors decide the next step is a liver biopsy because there is too much showing on my liver scan that is indecisive. So I get prepped and draped and drugged although I am awake for the entire procedure.  My husband is standing at my head, which is draped. At one point I ask for more meds to relax me. The biopsy is quick. Unfortunately the wait for the pathology report isn’t.  It’s grueling.  I keep logging in to the website but there is nothing.  Finally I call hubby. He is hysterical.  The results are terrible.  And he hangs up on me! I call back and I am told he is doing a procedure.  Later, I learned he was having a meltdown after learning about the pathology results.  He didn’t want to tell me over the phone, but I insisted since he already said it was bad.
CHOLANGIO CARCINOMA.  A rare cancer of the liver, sitting close to my portal vein, about the size of a fist, with very poor statistics regarding response to treatment.  I call my brother.  He already knows! ! Hubby called him and told him before me. I had to tell Sam. Then I had my first meltdown, along with a resolution to FIGHT.


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